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If you're making over a home to create a maintenance-free exterior, you'll want to investigate replacing or repairing your existing soffit, fascia and eaves troughing. Water and ice leakage can damage or destroy the structural integrity of your home as well as affecting the aesthetic quality of its features.

Aluminum Soffit and Fascia products are designed to help you add long-lasting beauty and protection to your home's exterior, without time-consuming and costly regular maintenance. We provide Seamless Eaves troughing made of long-lasting, durable aluminum. Seamless Eavestroughing products give you maintenance-free protection against the elements as well as improving the exterior appearance of your home.

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"Just a line to say how much Anne Marie and I appreciated your good work for us yesterday. With the deteriorating weather, and the rains that we have had, I was becoming concerned regarding the exposure that the dormer was receiving. We are both delighted with your skills, and the finished product that you have left us."
Desmond and
Anne Marie O'Brien